Finding a trustworthy service for your academic papers is a journey that students undertake to find accurate and unique documents. Sometimes, in their search for trusted writing sites, they might become victims of scam sites because of desperation. RushMyEssay is a valuable essay provider to have in your corner.

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Prices and Methods of Payment

Rush My Essay is not fraud or scam service. The site does not take it for granted the customer support and loyalty that they get from their users. The service has prices that can be termed as customer friendly and the best rates that you can get in the writing industry currently. They provide price cuts without the quality of the documents becoming compromised. When students register with the service, they are introduced to coupon codes. They can use them to get the prices reduced by stating the code in their orders. The total cost presented will reflect that the code was used because the final price will be less than the original prices.

Quality and Range of services

Tailored products are provided to meet every customer’s needs, and they include academic papers such as essays, term papers, research papers, proofreading and editing, lab reports, coursework presentations, revision services, college essays, book reports, personal statement writing, and annotated biographies. pros & cons and other relevant information related to the website can be found in the directory. However, the service’s intention is to provide the customer with the best written academic papers. It has extensively qualified professional writers who undertake your assignments and customize them from scratch. They follow through with all your instructions until the documents are completed.

Customer Support and Assistance

RushMyEssay rating provides a clear picture of the dedication that customers have to the service. The customers are not short of gratitude for the professional writers, and the Customer Support Team that handle their orders. Based on the testimonials you can tell that the service dedicates itself to the customers’ needs 24/7. It addresses all their concerns.

Discounts Offered

To reward loyalty, Rush My Essay discounts are offered to customers without compromising the quality of the final papers. Cheating the customers out of their finances is not part of their package. The following levels are observed based on the number of orders placed:

  • The 5th order gets discounts within a range of 1% to 10%.

  • Ten orders get one 10% discount.

  • 15 orders get one 15% discount.

As per the Rush My Essay review, the service aims to please their clients and to leave a positive impression on them too. Whenever students are unable to pay the full price requested for by the service, they can use the RushMyEssay promo code that they receive as a new customer upon subscription. It clearly proves how much the service values its customers, both new and old.


The company prides itself because of the successful work that is done for the clients and for having qualified writers. has an excellent reputation to maintain and remain above other writing sites.

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