Q3. If you are using PRECEDE/PROCEED: describe how theory and information collected through your needs assessment process informed Phases 3 to 4.

Our target group comprises parents of children aged between 6-11 years. We seek to influence them to start cooking for their families at home, through the constructs of social cognitive theory. We shall utilize observational learning, in workshops, teaching the parents about healthy foods and showing them how to cook. Enhanced knowledge influences behavior change in adults, who are the parents in this case. The workshops aim to provide encouragement and support for the parents, hence building confidence and self-efficacy. The enabling environment created by people will make them accomplish the goals, which is having healthier children.

People form expectations about the likely consequences that are bound to occur based upon the previous responses to similar action. In seeking advice on living a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families, parents are influenced by observation. They will learn from other people’s situations and health outcomes, the effects of leading unhealthy life, such as obesity, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, and psychosocial on children and subsequently adults.

We will use PRECEDE/ PROCEED framework – to change their knowledge and attitude of the parents by influencing them to cook food with the aim of improving the overall health of their children.

Phase 3 of the framework: From the environmental point of view, the availability of groceries and fresh produce, which are also low in cost, along with their cultural practices will be instrumental in bringing change in the behavior of the parents.

Phase 4 of the framework: Comprises the Predisposing, Reinforcing and Enabling factors (PRE) as discussed above. The lack of knowledge of cooking easy and healthy meals at home, their ignorance of perceived risk from eating fatty fast foods too frequently, and the disinterest in foods that have lower fat and sugar were the predisposing factors. Support and encouragement from family, friends, and neighborhood community will help in reinforcing the behavior. Finally, by ensuring access to low-cost groceries and fresh produce like fresh fruits and vegetables, boosting self-efficacy in actively cooking healthy and wholesome meals frequently at home, we can expect to bring about the necessary behavior change among parents.